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A narrow gauge track has been laid between the two standard gauge tracks, extending from the end of the empty track through the tipple to the end of the load storage track. The umwa launched its campaign against the use of sludge on mine sites in 1999 after eight umwa workers became ill from exposure to Class B sludge spread near their workplace. The profound changes in topography and disturbance of pre-existing ecosystems have made mountaintop removal highly controversial.

The more common method is "area stripping which is used on fairly flat terrain, to extract deposits over a large area. Blasting at a mountaintop removal mine expels dust and fly-rock into the air, which can then disturb or settle onto private property nearby. New and Reopened Mines. In gravel-filled river valleys with shallow water tables, a floating dredge could work its way through the loose sediment in a pond of its own making.

Transmission or reproduction of these items beyond fair use requires the written permission of the contributor. United States: The University of North Carolina Press. Advocates of mountaintop removal point out that once the areas are reclaimed as mandated by law, the technique provides premium flat land suitable for many uses in a region where flat land is rare.